Two men who bump heads join forces to hunt for a deviant, diabolical killer who moves

closer to unleashing his synthesized drug nationwide.

Genre:  Action Adventure    Budget:  $15-mil  -  $25-mil

LEAD - Colonel Nick Hoffman is a good-looking, old school Southerner who is plagued by his son's murder.  He receives orders

to infiltrate a heavily militarized region and capture a deposed king, who has slipped back in and retaken the throne.  The

mission proves detrimental after Nick discovers the royal is responsible for his son's death.  Driven by blind rage Nick 

attacks the man only to facilitate his escape with his deadly substance...

SUPPORTING - Agent Trent Walker's confident demeanor rivals Chadwick Boseman’s.  A NATO reservist Trent experiences

Nick's bigotry firsthand during their failed mission to capture the deposed royal.  So, it is out of desperation that Trent

contacts Nick when the man resurfaces in Los Angeles with a dangerously addictive drug.  Ironically, Nick is the only person 

Trent trust because the agency has been compromised and he has no idea how high up it goes. 

Of Common Means

A young woman comes of age in pursuit of a dream with nothing in her arsenal to obtain it, but she is very determined.

Genre:  Dramatic Comedy    Budget:  $500k  -  $2-mil

LEAD - Lena Hernandez is ghetto fabulous yet she struggles to change her meager destiny.  Her 15 year-old sister is

pregnant and her loving mother leans on her for emotional support, but Lina handles it all while pursuing her

dreams and holding down a job at the local five 'n dime store.

SUPPORTING - Ageless and beautiful, Patricia Torres is top shelf. She is also a successful TV actress who's hungry for

advancement onto the big screen. Patricia is a force and, on occasion, she will take over the screen but it's natural

for her personality type.

The Soul of Javier

An investigator with OCD tendencies becomes embroiled in a supernatural conundrum while he seeks answers about his father's murder. Driven to obsession he inadvertently unearths a dangerous crime syndicate that was determined to remain hidden.

Genre:  Action Drama      Budget:  $10-mil  -  $20-mil

LEAD - Jason Javier is anal, successful and sometimes an asshole. He is also plagued by the mysterious disappearance of his father and comes to realize that the “psychological episodes” he suffers is the result of him being haunted. It is only after his father’s remains literally fall on top of him does Jason face the man’s demise, a discovery so horrific it propels him into an obsessive investigation to find the killer, putting himself and his family in danger.

SUPPORTING - Christina Javier is sexy-gorgeous (like Salma Hayek in Dusk to Dawn). She's also tough and street-smart, which

nicely contrasts Jay's conservative, haughty nature. A successful artist Christina plays a major roles in her husband's journey while  

offering a real-marriage dynamic that’s captivating. 

Inheritance of Hope

After accidentally shooting a convenience store clerk, an illiterate young man goes

to jail, where he chooses to educate himself and pursue dreams of becoming a doctor

rather than give into the darker persuasions of his environment.

Genre:  Drama      Budget:  $1-mil  -  $3-mil

    Original Screenplays Authored by Shar Martin on 

   The Black List


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