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BigRoost Media advertises and post novellas free of charge.   The required standard is that all stories be well-written, entertaining and grammatically sound, so only a select amount of stories are chosen.  We know most submissions are from unpublished/novice writers, which means our evaluators know we are not big sticklers about a few errors here-and-there.  The tablet reader community expects impactful and well-executed stories that hold their interest to the very end.  That is our only goal, so stories that meet this criteria but need some corrections will be returned to the writer for required edits.  However, stories that are uneventful, unfocused, lack continuity and/or is laden with typos or grammatical errors will not be considered.  However, the latter group will receive feedback to know what the issues are.

Another benefit for all submissions is writers get written notes from professional readers.  Our readers fee is $68.00 per story.  The story’s page-count must be between 30 to 50-pages (the cover, author’s information and dedication page is not included in the count).  We also work with professional editors who charge between $140 - $280 to edit novella-length stories, depending on the work requested by the writer and length of the story 

Before You Submit to BigRoost Media

Writers who have authored work that no one else has read should consider submitting their story(ies) to Zoetrope.  The website is run by the family of Francis Ford Coppola where various forums of writers can have their work critiqued by other writers.  The only cost is your time to read and provide feedback on two (2) novellas among those provided when you register.  To learn more, go to

Everyone has their artistic style of writing, so we are somewhat loose with our guidelines.  We just ask that you reframe from sending highly graphic triple-X novellas, because the same will not be considered and the reader’s fee is not refundable.


Your .PDF document must have a cover page and author's info page.  Double-spaced 8-1/2 x 11 (manuscript format), 12 or 14-pt Times Roman or Georgia font with indented paragraphs.  Unjustified margins are preferred. 

Evaluation Process

Upon our receipt and review of the evaluator's feedback it will then be forwarded to the author with our comments and decision.

Pictures and Graphic Art

Both are acceptable as long as the author is authorized to use them.  Also, pictures and graphic are not included in the page count, but all must be relevant to the story.

Copyright© your story(ies) prior to submission.   You have the option to register your work online @

Happy Writing!

 SUBMISSION PAGE:  (The Submission Page is closed for the quarter.   It will re-open for submissions on Wednesday, September 1, 2018)

Evaluators / Editors needed- We are always looking for readers and editors experienced in critiquing fiction book manuscripts.  Please Click Here to send your contact and background info.