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Journey into earth's futuristic past....

The once magnificent kingdom sits dormant beneath the Amazon jungle, its pulse a terrible ending that’s a warning to future ages to come. Ancients of Zimia is a spellbinding adventure filled with amazing treasures, disturbing wisdom and a shocking revelation too alarming not to stop at all costs. your paragraph here.

"I read a lot of books.  I really enjoyed reading Ancients of Zimia." 
Book Publicist 

​"Ancients of Zimia is an excellent read...great storyline and a terrific job with your characters….It would make a great movie...” 
Lin Baker, Editor

"Combine Jurassic Park, King Solomon’s Mines, Ghost, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers with a liberal dose of human realism and you have Martin’s new fantasy novel, Ancients of Zimia."  
Gordon Osborn

“Ancients of Zimia” by S.A. Martin is an exciting (fantasy) novel
about the Amazon jungle's treasures and secrets."

Joint Forces Journal